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A charming fusion of extravagant glittery outfits, on-beat kickrolls, infectious energy and eternal devotion to her craft is the best way to describe the Australian-born DJ/producer Mish. Taking the leap to pursue her lifelong dream of leaving a mark on the Hardstyle scene, Michelle moved across the world to the Netherlands in 2017 and instantly got to work.

Since her debut release in 2020, Mish’s career has skyrocketed thanks to major knockout hits such as ‘Into The Night’ (released on My Way), ‘I GO HARD’ (released on End of Line) and her leading collaborations with Sickmode ‘One And Only’, which has hit over 4.5 million streams and ‘RAVE LOVE’ which is quickly on its way to 1 million streams. Heavily inspired by many genres of music, Mish draws a lot of inspiration from older House music and always emphasises catchy vocals and her high-energy bangers!

Mish’s popularity is also reflected in her ever-growing agenda which includes bookings at major events such as Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor, Dreamfields, Elektrum and many more. Her dynamic DJ sets are jam-packed with intensity, kickrolls and an eclectic selection of carefully-crafted tunes that maintain the ultimate vibe on the dancefloor.

With a laser focus on creating new music and expressing herself through DJ sets and Twitch streams, this adventure of a lifetime has only just begun for Mish.


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