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In 2019, a potent force of nature invaded the Hardstyle scene in a blaze of glory… Acquainting himself with the world through an unforgettable viral launch, Manji Deckers, aka Bloodlust, burst into the stratosphere with his unforgettable “Imma Boss” debut. The buzz from this monster dance-floor damager was immense and set the tone for the future of this End of Line Recordings artist.

Since Bloodlust’s initial attack, this exceptional musical assassin has amounted to new echelons of strength. In October 2022, Manji unleashed the madness of his debut album ‘In Blood We Trust’, which contains eleven outstanding new productions. Highlights of the album include ‘Falling Down’, ‘Lonely’, ‘Game Breaker’, ‘I Want Your Body’, ‘Get Up’ and the title track ‘In Blood We Trust’.

This assassin consistently arrives with all bases covered; his DJ sets are enriched with a fierce tracklist and captivating on-stage charm, whilst his releases continuously exceed all expectations.